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I signed on with a what they claim is a mystery shopper company. They provided a phone number for me to call when I received the cashiers check they mailed to me.

I was to call them and get instructions as how to go about doing my mystery shopping. I did everything this woman said, send the remaining money through Western Union to London then it would be over, waiting for my next assignment. Turns out, my bank account got hit for nearly $4,000! I called the company and asked them why my bank account got hit, was asked to be out on hold, then all of a sudden I hear the words, "this extension is no longer in use"..I have filed complaints with the BBB and FTC and even went to my bank to explain what happen, so now I have to make payments until this situation is resolved.

In the end, I was suppose to have $200 for my time and $40 for mystery shopping merchandise. All I got in the end is this headache!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Charlottenlund, Hovedstaden, Denmark #684147

And these scams keep rolling on usually using names of actual Mystery Shopping companies...


I'm sorry to hear about it happening to you as well :( I ended up going through the BBB and the police department and making a claim. Not much that can be done after that.

I tried calling the phone number the "company" gave me but they would answer then hang up and the number would be disconnected. In the end I ended up having to set up a payment plan with my bank to pay the money back. It stated on the instructions, "if you dont send back the money, you will be prosecuted" blah blah blah..I learned a little late, don't send it back!

There's not much that can be done, if you cashed the check at a bank, go talk to the bank and they will give you instructions on how to handle this kind of situation. Good luck, I'm still paying mine off!


its costing me nearly the same! I do not know what to do!!


Dude, you got scammed. This is not Gapbuster but a scammer using their name.

to Tom Manchester, England, United Kingdom #609882

I agree Tom, i am registered with the real gapbuster now, but i have had a similar scam nearly done to me from someone claiming to be a mystery shopping company. Fortunate for me i was unable to put the cash in Western Union for them as i couldnt cash the cheques they sent me. The bank took them and sent them off to american express as they were fake.


There's one born every minute.

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